Relocation Department

Property Partners, Inc. offers full service relocation programs to assist buyers or sellers relocating in and out of communities. Our staff and team of agents are trained and certified to handle any move – from a corporation moving their employee, or a military PCS, to a family moving across town. Take advantage of the benefits of using our trained and experienced relocation sales associates.

Our agent’s performance is monitored, and they set aside time for you – communication skills are number one at PPI. We insure that you are getting the real estate services that you need. Our Relocation Department oversees the sellers and buyers transactions, and is here to serve as your advocate.

For Sellers, PPI creates a personalized marketing plan designed for the sale of your home, and our Team Sales Associates contact you at your specified times.

For Buyers, we invite you to our office to target your specific needs, help provide financial recommendations, and give you information about your interests in our area.


Does my employer offer a relocation benefit package and how do I find out?

If your employer is moving you, start with your HR department to find out if you have a relocation benefits package available. Your HR professional can go over this package and direct you to the third party relocation company who handles the moves for your employer. Many times that relocation company is a partner we work with, but you can always ask to use Property Partners, Inc. since many relocation companies will allow you to choose the real estate company you want to work with. The important thing is to be sure you are working with a corporate relocation certified agent. If you are doing an elective move or moving due to a military PCS, there are also many other relocation programs that are financially beneficial. Please feel free to contact our Relocation staff and we can discuss what programs with a financial benefit might be available to you.


Buying Or Selling Out Of The Area

Property Partners, Inc. wants to be the one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs, whether local or across the country. With our nationwide relocation services, we have the largest network of agents (all with similar training and certification courses), and can find the best agent for you in any area. You can rest assured that the agent we locate for you will have the experience and knowledge to help you successfully sell a property or find the perfect home.

Contact your Property Partners, Inc. agent or our Relocation Department staff for more information! Whether you are moving locally, across the state, across the country we can help.

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